Mr. Paul Gordon

Senior Advisor

Mr. Gordon has over 35 years of senior leadership experience in Sales and Marketing strategy and operations, and has led businesses in the UK, France, Norway and Sweden.

Prior to joining The Taffrail Group Mr Gordon spent 30 years with the Coca-Cola system. During this time his roles included being the Commercial Director for Coca-Cola in Great Britain, and as Managing Director, leading the Coca-Cola Company in France.

For the past 12 year, Mr Gordon has acted as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Coca-Cola European Partners (NYSE: CCE), now the world’s largest Coca-Cola bottling partner. As part of this role, he led the merger and integration of Norway and Sweden bottling companies and operated the business as Managing Director for 4 years. More recently he led the commercial growth strategy for the newly formed Coca-Cola European Partners, which included the commercial integration of Germany, Spain, Portugal and Iceland with CCE’s existing territories in Great Britain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

As part of his role as a senior leader within the Coke system, for the past 5 years Mr Gordon has been Chairman of the Coca-Cola European Customer Council, a policy group representing all major bottlers, determining the commercial strategy with major international customers and buying alliances.

Mr Gordon holds a BSc with Honours in Management Sciences from Manchester University, Institute of Science and Technology. He also received a Master in Business Administration from Aston University, Birmingham.

Mr. Gordon is a UK citizen, and lives in London with his wife, and two children.