Our Mission

Ensure your long-term strategic success

In today's global marketplace, success increasingly depends upon a firm’s ability to seize growth opportunities outside of its home market. Properly assessing cross-border opportunities challenges the resources of even the largest and most experienced organizations.

The Taffrail Group exists to provide your firm the capability to evaluate and seize upon new opportunities without distracting it from its present business focus. By virtue of our senior advisors’ experience in multi-national growth strategies, The Taffrail Group can quickly integrate with your organization and provide the extended capabilities you need, both in terms of augmented skills and individual access to markets far from your firm’s current operational center.

Importantly, The Taffrail Group is geared to support you from the strategy-concept stage, right on through to the early execution stage, all the while ensuring your plans work in the marketplace, not just on paper. And, because we focus on thoughtful strategy development and implementation, you can be assured our independent advice is just that... independent and objective, with no lending, trading, or other potential conflicts of interest.