Mr. Norio Okaido

Senior Advisor

Norio Okaido currently serves at the Japan Foundation in a number of roles. Specifically, Mr. Okaido services as the Japan Foundation’s Special Assistance Executive Director, Center for Global Partnership; Secretary General, The US-Japan Conference on Cultural & Educational Interchange; and Secretary General, Japan-China-Korea Culture Forum. Mr. Okaido also serves as Executive Director at The Japan Health Culture Promotion Foundation. 

Previously, from 1971 to 2006, Mr. Okaido worked at Mitsubishi Corporation and it affiliates, a trade and investment firm headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. His managerial responsibilities at Mitsubishi Corporation included numerous countries around the globe, including the United States, China, Korea, and the Asia Pacific.

Mr. Okaido received an MBA from Harvard University and a BA in Economics from Keio University. Mr. Okaido also was an Exchange Scholar at Stanford University.