Our Services

Cost-effective services through custom-tailored engagements

Our service offerings are structured to align with your interest in building a long-term successful growth strategy. We do not present a menu of pre-packaged strategic alternatives. Instead, we bring a blank sheet of paper, listen to your needs, and then, with your close collaboration, design an action program tailored to your unique circumstances and goals.  In general, we can assist you in the following broad areas:

Situation Review
A review of your current industry positioning and key objectives for growth and sustainable financial returns that meet your hurdle rates.

Strategic Alternatives
A review of strategic-growth alternatives, their risk/reward trade-offs, and organizational impact issues. 

Project Management
Active project management for cross-border expansions, mergers and acquisitions (both buy- and sell-side), joint ventures, and other similar undertakings.

Business Valuations
Independent valuation of your business, including healthcare businesses. 

Post-merger/Post-start-up integration during the critical first one-hundred eighty days. 

On-Going Counsel
Strategic Advice with an “outside director” perspective.